All fan merchandise can be purchased at the WSG Swarovski Wattens shop. There is also the possibility of ordering articles by telephone at 05224 / 53116 or by email at ffcwsg-fssbllt.

Payment possibilities: Cash or with ATM card or credit card



    The new HOME KIT is a must have for the new Season

    Price: from 65,00 EUR


    With the new AWAY KIT you will train like a Pro. 

    Price: from 65,00 EUR
  • Scarf "Special"

    Scarf "Special"

    Dress to impress - not only in October.

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • Scarf striped

    Scarf striped

    WSG in your heart and around your neck. Get your green-white striped Scarf. 

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • Hoodie Grey

    Hoodie Grey

    Our grey Hoodie from Erima, available for adults and children. 

    Price: from 39,00 EUR
  • Quilted Jacket

    Quilted Jacket

    Our light-wearing and stylish quillted Jacket. Available for women and men. 

    Price: 89,00 EUR
  • Razor 2.0 Trainingsjacket

    Razor 2.0 Trainingsjacket

    Our stylish Trainingsjacket made for sport- and streetwear. Available for adults and children.

    Material: 100% Polyester

    Price: 42,00 EUR
  • T-Shirt grey

    T-Shirt grey

    For everyone, who wants to show colors. 

    Price: from 19,00 EUR
  • Gym bag

    Gym bag

    Fpr the gym, for the beach, for every occasion you need.

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • Polo green

    Polo green

    Our classic Poloshirt made for you, to shine green. 

    Available only for grown-ups. 

    Price: 25,00 EUR
  • WSG Backpack

    WSG Backpack

    The perfect allrounder for your stuff. 

    Materia: 100% Polyester 

    Price: 33,00 EUR
  • WSG Ball

    WSG Ball

    Get yourself a WSG-Ball, signed by all our players. 

    Price: from 22,00 EUR
  • WSG Pin

    WSG Pin

    With our brand-new Pin you make the best choice.

    Price: 3,50 EUR
  • WSG Pendent

    WSG Pendent

    A must for every WSG fan: the small WSG pendent is perfect to hang on your rear vision mirror in the car. The larger version is just right for home or office.

    Price: from 5,00 EUR
  • WSG Mini Kit

    WSG Mini Kit

    The WSG Wattens mini kit for your car. The mini kit, in the original club colours and logo, is an excellent accessory for your car.

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • WSG Cap

    WSG Cap

    The WSG peaked cap is made of high quality material and not only protects from the sun but also offers a particularly attractive and effective head protection when it rains. Snapback or Flexfit.

    Price: 25,00 EUR
  • WSG Lighter

    WSG Lighter

    "Light your fire" with the WSG Wattens lighter.

    Price: 1,00 EUR
  • WSG Fan Scarf

    WSG Fan Scarf

    A must for every WSG Fan – the fan scarf! The scarf has the script "WSG Swarovski Wattens" on the front, and "Since 1930" on the reverse side.

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • WSG Towel

    WSG Towel

    The WSG towel (140 x 70 cm) ... high quality and great design at a favourable price!

    Price: 18,00 EUR
  • WSG Special Edition - Collection Caro Pin

    WSG Special Edition - Collection Caro Pin

    This hand blown glass element is filled by hand with Swarovski® crystals.

    Price: 59,00 EUR
  • WSG Special Edition - Collection Caro Teardrop

    WSG Special Edition - Collection Caro Teardrop

    This hand blown glass element is filled by hand with Swarovski® crystals.

    Price: 69,00 EUR
  • WSG Hoody

    WSG Hoody

    The white WSG Hoody (hooded sweater) is a very popular item of clothing for young and old because of its super soft wearing comfort.

    Price: from 19,00 EUR
  • WSG Polo Shirt

    WSG Polo Shirt

    The white WSG polo shirt is an excellent piece of clothing.

    Price: 19,00 EUR
  • WSG Shopping Bag

    WSG Shopping Bag

    This handy shopping bag with two long handles and made of 100% cotton certainly makes shopping a great experience.

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • WSG T-shirt with V-Neck

    WSG T-shirt with V-Neck

    You are always on trend with the printed WSG T-shirt with the V-neck.

    Price: from 9,00 EUR
  • WSG Women's T-Shirt with black neck and sleeve trims

    WSG Women's T-Shirt with black neck and sleeve trims

    Our women's fan T-shirt comes with our modern WSG Logo, printed either on the front or the back.

    Price: 19,00 EUR
  • WSG Women's T-Shirt with V-neck and barbed wire pattern

    WSG Women's T-Shirt with V-neck and barbed wire pattern

    The highlight of our WSC collection is our women's T-shirt with V-neck and barbed wire pattern.

    Price: 25,00 EUR
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